Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and PhD

Physics is a basic science that has as its main goal the discovery of the basic laws of natural phenomena that occur at all length scales, from the cosmos to elementary particles. Characteristic of physics is an investigation method that is based on a dialectic relation between theory and experiment. The ability to shift between these two methodologies is the most characteristic skill of a physicist. In addition to preparing for scientific research (in universities or research institutes), the study of physics provides a solid scientific base, which can be advantageously applied in the worlds of industrial production and the service sector. The School of Science and Technology at the University of Camerino offers a comprehensive training in Physics, which is divided into three phases:


I level: Bachelor Degree in Physics/Laurea in Fisica (see also the link to the official University of Camerino web page), teaching language: Italian.

II level: Master Degree in Physics (see also the link to the official University of Camerino web page), teaching language: English.

III level: PhD in Physics