Doctoral Programme in Physics at Unicam

The PhD programme in Physics at Unicam are carried out within the International School of Advanced Studies of our University.

Our activities are included in the area PHYSICS, EARTH AND MATERIALS SCIENCES for which several grants for PhD students are available each year.

The present coordinator of the Unicam PhD in Physics, Earth Science and Materials Sciences is Prof. Andrea Di Cicco.

Responsible for the curriculum in Physics: Prof. Andrea Perali.

Responsible for the curriculum in Materials Sciences: Prof. Roberto Gunnella.


Doctoral programme


The Doctorate offers its students top level scientific activities carried out at the Physics Division and in other national and international scientific institutions.

Our doctoral programme is aimed to:

  1. provide the students with the skills needed for highly qualified research activities at universities, public or private bodies;
  2. develop the ability to work independently in science expanding knowledge and solid methodology;
  3. promote the connections with other scientific fields (chemistry, biology, electronic engineering and more) within truly interdisciplinary programmes;
  4. enhance the abilities for working in groups and within international collaborations, properly communicate research results and conceiving solid scientific projects.

Duration: 3 years

Official language: English and Italian.

More information can be found here: details of the curriculum in Physics and current teaching activities.