A new European Training Network is starting

May 2022

The European ETN project EUSpecLab HORIZON-MSCA-2021-DN-01 involving several international partners including the Physics Division of Unicam has been recently approved. The main objective of the EUSpecLab DN is to form the next generation of theoretical materials scientists (physicists and chemists). They will be able, both in academic and industrial laboratories, to spearhead the calculation, understanding and prediction of the properties of matter by exploiting the full potential of cutting-edge spectroscopies and materials informatics. We will bridge the gaps between industrial processes, technological progress, and theoretical understanding, especially at the quantum (microscopic) level. The Researchers will learn specific skills in both inter-sectoral and inter-disciplinary translation. The project will be active in the next 4 years.

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Il progetto ETN EUSpecLab appena approvato è stato presentato nell'ultima edizione di "Scienza e Lode" di Unicam mettendo in luce la connessione che si propone di attuare il partenariato tra Fisica di base ed aziende. Maggiori informazioni si possono trovare a questo link.

L'intervista alla responsabile Unicam A. Trapananti si può vedere a questo link o qui di seguito.