The opportunity to study abroad

ERASMUS call 2014-2015

Unicam offers many possibilities for international mobility:
ERASMUS for study
The program allows you to spend a period of study abroad (from 3 to 12 months), providing the opportunity to take courses, to take advantage of university facilities, to conduct research aimed at drafting your degree thesis, and to obtain recognition of exams taken abroad, provided they have been pre-designated in an appropriate study program.
Students who are interested can take part in the annual call from the University published in the period December - February.
Erasmus Student Placement (internship)
Starting in the 2007/2008 academic year, within the Erasmus program it is possible to hold internships (from 3 to 12 months) in enterprises, in research centres, and in European training centres, ensuring a recognition of curricular activities carried out abroad, provided there is agreement in advance with their respective Erasmus coordinators.
The Degree in Physics has established agreements within the Erasmus program with the following European universities:
Country University  Language Duration (months)

Learning Activities

Czech Republic Czech Technical University in Prague English 10 Courses/Final test
Spain Universidad de Extremadura Spanish 6 Courses/Final test
France Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI French 6 Courses/Final test
France Université Louis Pasteur Strasbourg French 3 Courses/Final test
Poland Politechnika Gdanska English 6 Courses/Final test
Romania University of Bucharest English 6 Courses/Final test
Romania Valahia University of Targoviste English 6 Courses/Final test
Romania Universitatea Transilvania Din Brasov English 6 Courses/Final test


Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhems
Universität Bonn
German 6 Courses/Final test
United Kingdom University of Surrey English 6 Courses/Final test


Sofia University
Saint Kliment Ohridski
English 6 Courses/Final test
The Netherlands Universiteit Leiden English 6 Courses/Final test




Bi-National Program

The Master degree in Physics offers the possibility of a bi-national program organized in conjunction with the Politechnika Gdańska that will award a double degree in the field of Physics and its applications. In detail, the University of Camerino will award the Master degree in Physics. Simultaneously the Politechnika Gdańska will award the Master Degree in Applied Physics of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics, either in the program “Applied Physics” or in the program “Physics and Energy Conversions”, depending on the prior curriculum of studies followed by the student.
The maximum number of students of the program is 20 (twenty) each year, ten from each institution. This maximum number can be varied, while maintaining the number of students from each institution equal. Students registered for the bi-national program will be registered at both institutions. Registration fees, however, will be payable only to the University of origin. Students coming from UNICAM will attend the first year of the Master program at UNICAM and the second year at the Politechnika Gdańska. Students coming from the Politechnika Gdańska will attend the first year of the Master program at the Politechnika Gdańska and the second year at UNICAM.
After passing the first year exams and within July 31 2011, the student may submit for approval by the Advisory Board of the School of Science and Technology an individual curriculum proposing learning goals other than those proposed in the standard curriculum.