Conferences and Events

Forthcoming conferences at the University of Camerino, organized through the Physics Division


Conferences organized or chaired by members of the Physics Division


SILS meeting 9-11 Settembre 2019, Camerino


International Conference on Multi-Condensate Superconductivity and Superfluidity in Solids and Ultra-cold Gases

AIC-SILS conference, Roma Giugno 2018


Corso di formazione/aggiornamento per insegnanti di scuola secondaria di secondo grado

30 anni di Fisica a Camerino /sito originale della convegno 30 anni di Fisica a Camerino - convegno celebrativo Fisica settembre 2017

Conferenza "SuperFluctuations 2017" - S. Benedetto del Tronto settembre 2017

SILS meeting 2017 - Trieste, October 2017, within the international conference FisMat2017

XIV International School in Synchrotron Radiation, Muggia, September 2017


Links to previous important conferences/events organized by members of the Physics Division:


SILS meeting 2016 - Bari, September 2016

International Liquid and Amorphous Metal conference (LAM) - Bonn, August 2016

until 2015

Seminar by Antonio Bianconi on Superconductivity at 203K in Sulfur Hydride - November 2015

The 11th workshop on Functional and Nanostructured Materials - September 2014

New Frontiers of Quantum Information Theory - July 2014

Multi-Condensate Superconductivity and Superfluidity in Solids and Ultracold Gases - June 2014

Msnano:MS platform for Nanomaterials - June 2012

LAM14 - July 2010

PDS 5th int. conference - May 2010

XAFS14 - July 2009

Interview about the XAFS14 event


Members of the Physics Division can include information about conferences and events co-organized by us contacting the website responsibles.