Seminar 22/02: Dr. Gabriele Campagnano (Napoli) - Quantum excitations of fractional quantum Hall systems

Seminario del Dr. Gabriele Campagnano del Dipartimento di Fisica "Ettore Pancini”, Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II”, che si terrà alle ore 17:00 di mercoledì 22 Febbraio in Aula E dell'edifico di Fisica.

Titolo del seminario:
“Quantum excitations of fractional quantum Hall systems”

Quantum excitations of fractional quantum Hall systems are expected to have  fractional charge and fractional statistics (neither bosonic nor fermionic in character).  On the one hand, charge properties of such excitations have been demonstrated by remarkable shot noise measurements in 1997; on the other hand, a clear signature of their fractional statics is to date not available. In this talk, I will introduce theoretical proposals to detect fractional statistics using edge states of quantum Hall systems in experiments which mimic optical interferometers.  In particular, I will discuss an Hanbury Brown and Twiss-like interferometer or even a simple  beam splitter, showing how information about the quasi-particles' statistics can be inferred  from current-current correlation measurements.

Cordiali saluti,

Giancarlo Strinati