SAS Award 2015 won by Andrea Guidini, PhD student in the Physics curriculum.

The SAS Award is granted every year to three PhD students of the University of Camerino demonstrating outstanding research performance. The selection is based on the evaluation of the candidates’ scientific profile, the participation to SAS activities and of a research product realized during the doctoral programme.The awarded research product is the  paper “Condensed phase of Bose-Fermi mixtures with a pairing interaction”, published on the journal Physical Review A in February 2015, and written in collaboration with  D. E. Galli and G. Bertaina (from the University of Milan) and P. Pieri.  The article is part of Andrea Guidini’s doctoral research work on “Superconductivity and superfluidity in multicomponent systems” , supervised by Prof. Pierbiagio Pieri (of our division) and Prof. Andrea Perali (of the School of Pharmacy).

The award ceremony will take place on November 12 in Camerino – Sala della Muta.