Orientation and Tutoring


Post-graduate orientation

There is often a disconnect between the learning program at a university and the reality of the workplace into which the student needs to enter. The orientation service provides guidance both to those graduating and to postgraduates, in collaboration with the Internship and Placement Service, as well as room for reflection on the choices of support activities for vocational training. The initiative "Young People + University = Work" is of particular relevance here. This takes place each year, generally in the autumn. University students and new graduates are invited to attend the event to have an opportunity to listen to the accounts given by many different professionals, to meet and to establish direct contacts with company representatives, and to get to know experts from the world of work so they can start to plan out their own personal career path.

The mentoring program

Mentoring contributes to the cultural and professional training of the student, encouraging wider and more and active participation throughout the entire degree course. The mentoring program has the following objectives:
  • Assist the student in all aspects of their study
  • Encourage different ways of participating in the training process
  • Remove barriers to education through initiatives tailored to the needs, aptitudes and requirements of each individual student.
Unicam’s Mentoring Program uses and provides specific tutoring activities for both groups and individuals.
It organises a flexible range of teaching tutorials during the teaching year, conducted by tutors who have been chosen for their particular profiles aimed at activities for students who work and for the different teaching approaches required for e-learning.
  • Support tutoring: provided by experienced students with the task of helping younger students in organizing their studies and get acquainted with the new environment.
  • Group Tutoring: provides scheduled meetings with the course teachers, designed to highlight and resolve, also through input from the students, any problems encountered in the teaching course.
  • Individual Tutoring: UNICAM assigns to each student a 'teaching tutor' whose task is to follow and advise the student throughout their course of study through regular meetings and through meetings requested by the student.
  • Teaching tutoring: related specifically to basic science courses and to English and organized by means of supplementary courses, especially devoted for filling gaps in the student knowledge.