Cafeteria Physics Division

Physics Division Cafeteria - a new common space

The new room opened 1 Dec 2015.

The room is strictly reserved to Physics Division personell, visiting scientists, PhD students, post-
Noise should be limited. Doors should be kept closed and room must be kept clean.

Opening hours follow those of the building (Mon-Fri).

Physics Division Cafeteria - guidelines and rules

The room is open for coffes, teatime, discussions, break, lunch and so on following very simple rules.
• 1) Kitchen tools
- Free use of kitchen tools and donations of equipments in reasonable
shape are welcome (subject to a usage fee, see below).
- Label your personal belongings when necessary and keep them in
selected spaces.
• 2) Food
- Coffee, Tea, sugar, salt, oil should be available to everybody (sub-
ject to a usage fee, see below)
- Personal food/drinks can be stored in the fridge or elsewhere, please
put an expiration date and label with name. Expired/unnamed food
will be removed typically on friday.
• 3) Cleaning
- Please clean in an effective manner after usage and leave the room
clean, any inconvenience about will lead to restrictions in using this
• 4) Responsibles and fees
- Use of this room is at your own risk. The youngest department
member will be usually responsible for the smooth running of the
room and for providing material for coffee/tea breaks. Running fees
will be decided by the responsble according to the needs but typically
expect to give 0.10-0.20 Euro for each coffee/tea (and some extra for