Avviso - Notice about printing

There are several printers available at the Physics Division, located in different places of the buildings. Some of them are refurbished (toner, paper) through the Physics division, others are managed by the research groups. Starting from January, 13th, 2014, the Physics Division will provide refurbishment of paper and toners for the BW HP LaserJet 600 printer, the most used and conveniently located (we estimate ~75% of the printing). Refurbishment of other printers will not be guaranteed and actions on specific printers will be taken only upon request and evaluation. The technical team (V. Mocci, A. Fedeli, T. Gabrielli) will be responsible of the refurbishment service.  Please contact the responsibles for any need.  As you know, the Physics Division faces severe budget problems and we have to avoid any excessive usage or misuse of common resources.
We thus recommend a wise usage of the printer.
A new color printer has been installed and for budget reasons its usage is limited to authorized personell of the department (November 2014). Costs of the refurbishment will be keep under control. Please refer to M. Minicucci for further information. 
A new black and white printer is being installed at the Polo Ludovici (S. Mancini/F. Marchesoni groups). Limited refurbishment will be guaranteed.